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Select customers can take advantage of a range of accessories designed to make life easier and more convenient.  These can be supplied as part of your normal order.


Disposal Bags

Used products can be disposed of in these hygienic scented black bags.

Disposable Bag

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are ideal when out and about, where hygiene is still important although the facilities might be limited. They're a good way of cleaning up before or after catheterisation and are available free to Select customers on request.

Note: We recommend that these wipes are used with, not instead of, thorough hand-washing with soap and water.


Handling Grip

Catheters become slippery when wet. They can be difficult to grip for some people with limited dexterity so it's often useful to use the handling grip to help guide the catheter in place. The handling grip also ensures that catheterisation is more hygienic.

Handling Grip


Catheterisation can be easier for some women, especially those new to ISC, if they have a mirror to help guide the way.  This small and compact fold-up mirror has a stand, which means it can be placed anywhere, even on the toilet seat, to make catheterisation as easy as possible. 


Catheter Pouch

This pouch has room to carry three to five LoFric Primo or LoFric Hydro-Kit catheters as well as several wet wipes. The pouch can be worn on a belt and hung up when required, and is often thought to be a camera or mobile phone case, so discretion is guaranteed! 

Catheter Case


LoFric Sense Purse

This purse has been specifically designed for LoFric Sense catheters and super-discreetly doubles as an evening bag!

Sense Purse

Ladies Purse

This leather purse discreetly stores up to three LoFric Primo or LoFric Hydro-Kit catheters.

Ladies Purse

For Kids - LoFric Bunch Catheter Case

Looks just like a pencil case, there are two available, one for girls and one for boys, featuring the LoFric Bunch.

For Kids LoFric Brunch Catheter Case

For Kids - Felix and Julia Comic & Flashcards

Felix and Julia, with help from the rest of the LoFric Bunch, explain the basics of catheterisation and why some children need to do ISC. There are also lots of fun games and puzzles for children to play. This comic book style guide for children performing ISC is suitable for ages five and up and has been described by paediatric urology nurse specialists as a 'very useful, clear and concise guide that benefits the child'.

For Kids Julia Comic and Flashcards

Travel Pack

Looking very much like a smart toiletry bag, the travel pack has specially designed pouches and pockets for carrying a number of LoFric catheters and accessories when going away.

Travel Pack

If you have any queries with regard to the above accessories call Select on FREEPHONE 0800 783 7027.